• Anxiety

    The concern that something bad is going to happen. You probably don't know what, but clutch at possibilities even cling to worries you know are not worthy. Stay firmly in the present moment for a little while. Check to see if you're safe, ask yourself, have I been safe for the last few minutes? Few hours? Keep reminding yourself that you've been safe recently & can expect to remain so. If you've known danger before, then keep reminding yourself that you're no longer in that space. Your body memory needs to be reprogrammed into current reality so keep reminding yourself of your current safety. Use dates and events between then & now to help with this. Eventually the body memories will distance themselves appropriately & your psyche will feel safe.


    An temporary state of emotional paralysis. Bring your attention to your feet. Then notice how strong they are, all the work they do every day walking you around everywhere. Then, slowly check in with each area of your body starting at your feet, working up your body & bringing the strength & groundedness of your feet with you.

    Fear Has Purpose

    ~ Befriend It!

    Fear exists as part of the psyche to warn the conscious self of perceived dangers. When fear is living well, it is our friend. When fear believes it has not been heard, attended or understood, it gets louder, becoming more unruly & needing greater attention than usual to relax & return to calm. Fear is now working against us & like a child, needs our whole attention until it feels safe again.

    Nightmares Post Trauma

    Your psyche is trying to tell you about perceived danger - it hasn't caught up with changing realities & wants you to attend to fears you are holding to. It doesn't trust that you have attended to your safety adequately. Before going to bed, check your surroundings & tell yourself you have checked, you know you are safe. When the nightmares come, get out of bed & drink some water, go to the loo. Whilst up, remind yourself you already checked, you're safe still. Don't make major changes to your routine, instead tell your fearful self it's ok & safe to sleep tonight. 1% changes will help most here.

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