• Depression Has Many Faces -

    Each are different - you get into them differently & you get out of them differently.

    Check out these 4 common emotions that look like depression, feel like depression, but are not:


    You've lost something or someone important. That could be someone you really loved, someone who helped make life do-able, meaningful, something that was beautiful or helpful, or maybe you've lost your innocence, your old self? This is grief when you're wanting it back.


    It seems like no-one gets you. There's no-one you can talk things through with, or have a laugh with. Everyone else is out there with their tribe, while you're wondering where your tribe could possibly have gotten to? In the 21st century, loneliness has become our most common cause of sadness. It's a form of grief because something is missing & there's heart ache around getting that back.


    You're miserable. There's just so much going on. Your head's in a mess just trying to make everything happen & you're likely to be without energy, without hope, without the support you need to get it altogether again. It's all too much & you need someone else to sort it all out for you so you can relax with a cuppa for a while.

    Emotional Fatigue

    When was the last time you woke up feeling rested? No matter how much sleep you get, it's not enough. You might have physical energy, but you need to rest your heart, to let the tears out, to take a back seat role. You've known too much pain, confusion, uncertainty. Life is kinda organised ok, but grasping enough energy seems unlikely, even impossible.

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