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Situational Depression?

Situational depression is what it sounds like - depression caused by your life situation. Sounds easy to recognise & deal with, huh? But instead, life with situational depression is discombobulating.

If you're down a lot or all of the time, then consider your life circumstances. Chances are, something is missing or regularly going wrong. To spot if your depression is situational in nature, you'll need to:

1/ take a careful look around at the people you spend most time with at home, work, or out & about - are they encouraging / kind / warm? Do they make you feel welcome / cared for / nurtured? Find the people in your community you do like spending time with - maybe your friends or family, or maybe the barista who gets your coffee right every time, or the people serving in the shops you like to visit. These are often the people who are most nurturing in our lives (ironically) as they don't have any negative pull on our emotions and we meet them for mutual benefit. When we live / love someone who drains our energy, managing exposure to them can be difficult. It takes serious effort to live in this way, tiring effort. This is something that non-directive counselling is really good for helping out with, so consider finding someone trust-able you can talk to about this type of life situation.

2/ take a moment to reflect on how you spend your day, what activities do you do that make you feel alive and revitalised? Or nurtured? You need some of this in your every day - if you're seriously strapped for time then use your bathroom time or driving time to replenish. Replenishing could mean singing great songs, or taking control of the thoughts inside your head for that period. For example, the bathroom is perfect for getting rid of those awful thoughts & creating new replacement ones. Our thoughts are a super common source of depression too, so it's cool to imagine the yuk ones getting sucked away by the funny-flush!

Remember that antidepressants can take the edge of the feelings of sadness in situational depression, but real healing from this type of sadness can only come from either changing your situation, or changing your perspective around your situation.

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