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PTSD is Not Always a Life Sentence

Did you know? Or are you working on the assumption that your PTSD will never go away, & to take the out-dated advise, "this is your new normal, get used to it."

There's also a thing called Post Traumatic Growth.

Post Traumatic Growth acknowledges we don't stagnate in life. Even when everything is bad, everyone is awful, life itself smells bad and now it's raining too, life revitalises itself. Think about gumtrees burnt beyond any trace of life, now growing new stems, new leaves after the fires have ended; think about the grass you've mown last week growing again after the rains; think about all the times they said you couldn't but did anyway. Life builds itself anew every day. Our own bodies do the same - millions of tissue cells die every day, and replaced every day. Our livers loose so many cells they are fully replaced every 7ish years.

It's the same with our minds, our memories, our experiences. The difference here is that we don't always allow those changes to serve us. Instead we cling to the old experiences thinking we must somehow make good use of them. Modern psychological thought often tells us we have to heal each of our experiences before we can move on.

The field of post traumatic growth reminds us that we've moved on anyway. We're growing every day. We're moving past those old experiences with every heart beat, every new breath. That danger, that fear, that awareness slowly recedes into the background of our lives. That's the gift of Father Time. It's the gift of current awareness. Growth comes most easily when we make real - real-ise - that good things are also possible.

While it's not possible, or even desirable to shed old experiences too quickly, it's also not possible to avoid growing forward. Our psyche's are programmed for this forward movement. After falling in the ditch that follows dreadful experiences, our psyches propel us into the future. The path ahead is harsh and has it's own hazards, but the learning within those hazards, along that path, mean we start to live a bigger life. Life gets bigger, we live from a bigger platform because of the learning, because of the struggle. A part of us now realises and embraces the bigger reality, the higher perspective. This is the eagle's eye within you awakening.

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