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Nurturing Your Mind

Good living always comes through mental fitness. Regardless of your life situation, you only live to your optimal best by nurturing your mind.

Effective decisions require good mental agility.

Good life habits require (& further enable) good mental health.

Positive behavioural patterns enable positive mental patterns too.

Enabling self talk allows both mental & physical wellness.

If your mind needs a rest, or some fuel, or a new way of doing things, going it alone could be really tough so enlist the help of someone who is experienced & helpful for you. Sometimes that's best coming from a friend, sometimes a stranger like the waitress at your favourite cafe & sometime you need a professional.

Check out the patterns of your life - are they helping or hindering you? Are you moving towards your goals or is something holding you back?

There are 4 reasons you're not at your best:

1. something or someone is in your way

2. you haven't stretched yourself beyond old limitations yet

3. you don't know what you want from life

4. you haven't found the help you need

It doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve, you'll probably need a hand to get there. Whether you're in pursuit of a better lifestyle, better health, or even a better outlook, you need supportive people to cheer you on, and hold you respectfully & lovingly accountable to your true self. Check out your existing emotional village & make some choices around who you want to help cheer you on.

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