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a life of free will

Mindfulness gets a huge rap, but what about consideration? Consideration, the choice to take time to consider all angles before acting or speaking needs a little more air-time. It's a pre-thought, a preparing & opening activity of the mind.

Consideration enables us to choose well, to waste less, to be more of who we are capable of being. Consideration requires thinking things through, not just in terms of consequences, but also in terms of where we allow our lives to take us.

Consideration requires thinking, an activity we have precious little time for. Consideration demands we think about a wide range of options, of looking through numerous facets of the diamond in our hands. Of delving deep into possibility, & splashing through muddy waters where clarity has been driven away in favour of precipitous karmic ideals, leaving us free of personal responsibility, but cloudy & messy minded.

Consider the notion of 'karmic relationships' - "I married him because I thought it was karma bringing us together, like I was pre-ordained to commit my life to him. Yes, he'd been violent with me before we married, but I thought karma meant we had to continue on this path." Makes sense, until due consideration is applied - Karmic to leave this guy behind maybe? Or to make a stand for your own respectfulness & not allow violence into your life? Or maybe consideration for the concept that breaking ongoing ties frees us & allows growth for all?

Maybe consideration & free will could work more closely together, creating a life of personal wisdom, ever evolving souls choosing to unfold, transform, choosing life itself....

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