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  • The future is not the past. Nor is it the present.

    The future is yet to be created.

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  • Every future is an enigma.

    It comes via some randomness, some arbitrary hand.

    Or it comes through design.


    "I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become."


    ~ Carl Jung

  • Who we are today is no real indicator of who we will be in a few years time,

    and what life looks like also follows this pattern, this drawing down from the heavens,

    a life dreamed from yesterday.

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  • The gift of free will is not to be taken lightly - it is within our power to make a future worthy of the effort;

    The future is not foreseeable so we live for now,

    planning and making way for a bigger, better life in the future,

    regardless of how that looks from here;

    The future is an enigma - it is not the past, nor the present

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  • About Ruth

    Trauma Care Mental Health Professional

    Credentialed Mental Health Professional, CMHN, RN, Life Coach, Secondary Trauma Specialist

    Masters - Mental Health, Trauma Care; B. Nursing; Dip Transformational Life Coaching; Cert. CBT;

    Internationally Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator;

    Bulk-Billing option available with GP referral when eligible

    ~ 40,000+ hrs helping people in serious strife ~

    Trauma Care requires many modalities:

    Drawing from Gestalt, CBT, Mindfulness, Mind-Body Medicine, Compassion Building, Meditative Techniques...

    Positive Forward Movement using Possibility Thinking with a Solution Focused Orientation - the Stuff of Dreams, of Good Living, of Enhanced Opportunities.

    Working Towards a Better Life Experience? A Bigger Contribution?

    Maybe you're doing well & would like to access a better you, a greater future trajectory, more enriched life experiences & access to your potential? Dreaming, planning & working towards your project in creative & accountable actions to implement your best work & make that dreaming real can be tough going.


    Optimal Life Experiences don't just happen - they require action, knowledge, skill, determination & being accountable to someone for enabling your potential is essential. I'll keep you accountable to yourself, to your dreams whilst ensuring flexibility is maintained and your ability to stay true to yourself stands strong despite the dream-killers that inevitably show up the minute we decide to go for something better.

    Need Support? Traumatised?

    If you're in a space of fear, shock, horror, distress, overwhelm or similar, then talking it through with me helps ease the anguish.

    Chances are I don't have solutions to your problems, or guaranteed methods to right the wrongs. What I do have is the capacity for re-orienting you to your strong & capable self. Regardless of what's happened to you, accessing your power is key to making it through well. Working together, you'll rediscover yourself in ways that allow for post-traumatic growth & begin the journey towards a future worth striving for.


    If you're in a position where you can't say what's happened to you for some reason (e.g. professional commitments or it's just too hard to say the words) then we can use techniques that don't require disclosure.


    I'm a big believer in the power of the individual - everything starts with 1 person, 1 idea, 1 determined decision to improve something. Whether you're recovering from something awful or striving towards something great - or both - your greatest power lies within, desperate to get out and start implementing your unique contribution.


    The renaissance 'doctors of the soul' claimed the calamities of our lives, our dreams and yearning for meaning, are actually the demands of the soul - demands for something bigger & better than prevailing life circumstances...


    Maybe they were right -

    It's the tough stuff like illness, violence & trauma that demands us to stretch beyond what we know, & reach to a bigger way of being, a more enhanced life, a greater contribution.


    In modern theoretical psychological terms, it's called 'post traumatic growth' - where you come through your big hairy experience & shout out to the world, "Yes!" living ever closer to your greatest potential self.


    Hey! I'll be re-writing new affirmative phrases between the pictures on this page most weeks so you can use these to build your resiliency in privacy. If you use these affirmative phrases regularly, you'll find your self-trust growing as practical life shows how these phrases show up in your life. Scroll down the page, enjoy the pics and say the phrases - in the white sections - to yourself as you go. Remember to use them across the day.

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